Required Dance Attire

Because dance is a discipline and requires ease of movement and a degree of decorum, proper dance attire is required for our classes.  This allows the teacher to see the dancer's proper placement and enables them to train the student safely.  For safety reasons, dancers are not allowed to wear jewelry to class.  The teacher may ask the student to remove their jewelry until class is over. Hair should always be pulled back out of the eyes with no loose hair pieces. Buns are a requirement in all ballet classes.

Combo/Pre-Ballet:  Dancers must wear tight fitting dance attire, which includes tights and leotard, bike shorts or leggings. Please no tee-shirts, street clothes, or large tutus which are distracting.   Ballet and Tap Shoes are required for Ballet/Tap Combos. All other combos, please see specific type of dance below.

Ballet I Ages 6-8:  Black Leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes are required.  Small skirts and tutus are at the discretion of the teacher. Buns required. No underpants showing, and no jewelry.

Ballet I Ages 8+ and Upper Levels:  Black leotards, pink tights and pink ballet shoes are required.  Black sports bras only. Buns required.

Male Ballet Dancers for All Levels:   White tank tops or t-shirts, black shorts and black ballet shoes.  

Lyrical:  Tight fitting jazz or ballet attire and foot thongs, foot Undeez, ballet or jazz shoes are required. 

Jazz:  Tight fitting jazz attire. NO street clothes! Jazz shoes only. 

Hip Hop:  Due to the style of this dance, dancers may wear loose fitting clothes and sneakers.

Tap:  Tight fitting dance attire only. Tight fitting tee-shirts may be worn at the discretion of the teacher. NO street clothes! Tap shoes are required.

Acro Jazz:  For safety reasons, tight fitting jazz attire (with legs covered) must be worn.  Absolutely no jewelry or loose fitting clothes are allowed. Jazz shoes or Undeez are required. Short hair must have a pony tail and long hair must have a bun.

Musical Theatre:  Clothing that allows for ease of movement.  Jazz shoes preferred.

Pilates and Yoga:  Exercise wear and bare feet.